Hot Tub Cleaning & Draining

Whether your hot tub is brand new or has been in use for years, it needs and requires a good cleaning. All kinds of contaminants can build up in the pipes and on surfaces, like oil grease and as well concern for Biofilm. It is best to get these things off & out of your hot tub to provide you with the freshest cleanest water possible on start up.

First remove your filter - a clean filter goes hand in hand with a clean hot tub. Dazzle Filter Cleaning products offer the ease of effectively cleaning your filter, yet gentle enough to ensure that the materials in your filter don’t prematurely breakdown which gives value unlike some of the filter cleaner brands. If you have pillows, this is a good time to remove and clean them as they can get nasty. Add a full bottle of Dazzle Drain Prep or for those of you who have the added benefit of our new Mineraluxe System one bottle of Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain.

Turn your jets on high for approx. 5-10 minutes. Over the next 24 hours turn the jets on high 3 or 4 times. That’s it! After 24 hours the cleaning process is complete, time to drain your hot tub,

Most hot tubs have a garden hose connection where the system is located which is what I call the "dog house".

If you are at tub side wearing a hat, mitts and scarf, and have a drippy nose, you may wish to speed up the process. If you have a small utility pump this works well. No men, you do not need Binford Super 3” duo charged pump recommended by Tim Taylor! If you do not have a utility pump your local hardware store usually rents them for approx. $ 20.00 for ½ day rental or alternatively the Pool Place retails small utility pumps for $69.99. The use of a pump is beneficial in draining your hot tub water.

NOTE- careful not to damage the acrylic when you submerse the pump into the hot tub!
After your hot tub has drained, it is a good time to use the Dazzle Tub Cleanse to wipe surfaces around your hot tub and behind pillows. Not to worry this product is compatible with tub water & can be used during the cleaning to remove any bath tub ring off the hot tub surface.

Now finish this amazing job & clean the Hard Cover. Protect your investment for $20.00 - Dazzle Cover Protect & Cleanse will protect the cover from the sun & winter elements. Add small amounts to a clean damp cloth & rub into the vinyl surface.

TIP: if you notice odours coming from inside the cover, a gentle yet amazingly effective product that I highly recommend is NC Clean & Perfect. Spray into the underneath of the cover let it soak, give it a brush in & rinse -  you will find this will address those odours. This product works well in your kitchen & bath as well. If you have a pool & have on hand a bottle of  Pool & Patio Cleanse this works well too.

Rest assured, if there is residual it will not play havoc with the hot tub water. Spa insulated blankets are also a great investment especially for older hot tubs that tend to consume more energy. They absorb hot water chemistry and add longer life to your hot tub cover investment.

The use of a wet vac will remove water left in the foot well. Also go around the jets and remove any water that is left in the lines. That’s it! You're ready to start to fill.

Voila your spa is now ready for you to enjoy!!