Hot Tub Fill & Start Up

Begin filling your hot tub. While filling add the recommended dosage of Dazzle Stain & Scale 1, this product is formulated for cold water. While the spa is heating, the minerals & metals will be attracted to the heater element, you don’t want it forming scale this could insulate the heater causing loss of temp. If you are on our Mineraluxe System -2 cubes should be introduced at start up.

TIP: some hot tubs have a bleeder valve at the filter, have this open to prevent an air bubble, air can get trapped in the line preventing the pumps from turning on. If you find this happens and don’t have a bleeder valve, try cracking open a union slightly (you will hear the air release) tighten the fitting back. Once filled, set desired temperature.
TIP: most hot tub systems have a winter or freeze mode to protect your hot tub system. Pumps will not turn on until the temperature is above their set protection of freeze usually around 51 degrees. Once the water temperature has reached approximately 65 degrees take a water sample, elbow depth and not in front of a jet. Take the guess work out of balancing and bring the sample to The Pool Place.

Upon start up if using the Dazzle Botanical System, apply botanical cleanse which will provide a bank to prevent organic build up then add the oxidizer/shock of your choice. Amaze + or Amaze are great products considered non-chlorine, are Ph neutral and oxidize within 15 min. however there are other products depending on your choice of sanitize. Dazzle also offers Bromine Granules and Chlorine Granules.

If you are on our Mineraluxe System open your Oxygen package usually one package is sufficient however apply according to water volume. Salt & pepper over the water. Whatever your choice, it’s important to remember to leave your hard cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes, allowing for the burn off of the containments and to not cause damage to your hard cover.

Next steps depend on your choice of sanitizer: tablets - being the most convenient or bromine - which is usually the #1 choice for chemistry because it's less finicky. If using tablets fill your dispenser with the recommended amount of tablets or fill the chamber that is built into the filter system of newer spas. Those using the Mineraluxe technology will typically notice a 50% reduction in consumption of sanitizer after 2 to 3 weeks. This in turn drives down the water balance, making hot tub maintenance easy, allowing you to enjoy the hot tub without overloading it with chemicals. Remember it is important to use your test strips and ensure you have 3-5 ppm bromine or chlorine residual.

Hope you find this information informative and find the tips useful in making your hot tub cleaning easier and allowing you to enjoy the hot tub experience. Remember however these tips are general in nature - always refer to your manufacturers recommendations. If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to give a call or email