How We Work

On behalf of Mike, myself and the Pool Place Staff it is my pleasure to offer a warm welcome to you and your family to the Pool Place this summer.
Nature, relaxation and balance has been an inspiration for me throughout the years ... as a woman in business I have strived to maintain and bring that to pools, spas and backyard living. The goal is to offer you ease of time, maintenance and a cost-effective haven to which to retreat from your busy life.

That commitment to relaxation and the devotion of nature’s ability to provide was so appealing it formed the guiding principles to which the Pool Place operates. Relaxation is one of our mind and body’s most important assets and we take our profession seriously. We want every customer to enjoy and relax in their backyard as nature intended. We are grateful for being given the opportunity to make that happen. With nature it has encouraged us to act responsibly and to give back .

The Pool Place is committed to our environment, our community with a percentage of our “Dazzle” sales furthering the “Gift of Water” Program. We thank you again for spending your summer with the Pool Place. We know you will love natures chemistry and the ease of your summer maintenance providing you time for the thing’s that matter most.. “Your family and friends” Spring into Summer

We have been maintaining & rejuvenating pools and spas since we entered the world of building backyard swimming pools.

We troubleshoot, inform, repair and, if necessary, replace to keep your investment at its best.

We also offer the highest in quality and ecofriendly products with one of the most advanced water testing systems to keep your pool or spa a “Simple Pleasure”.

  • Leak Techs
  • Pressure Tests
  • Changing the Sand
  • Liner Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Opening & Closing
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Vacation Sitting
  • On-site Maintenance Instruction
  • Delivery Days & Areas

Drop the PoolLady an email, contact us or give us a call,
and let us take the guess work out
so that you may enjoy the things that matter most.