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to one-on-one... whether you are new to hot tub care and maintenance, or a seasoned hot tubber, sometimes we need a little assistance or questions answered.

Take us tub side on ZOOM, FaceTime or skype, and let's work through the steps together!

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Hot Tub Tidbits

1. Is your hot tub water ready for a drain and refill, weather too cold drain out some water & refill with fresh. Have the water tested & balance. This should buy some time and provide you some easier maintenance until the nicer weather arrives.
2. Rinse your filters weekly between cleaning this will provide some benefit with filtration
3. A quality spa fragrance can provide great benefits however masking the smell of your hot tub water should not be one of them. Water balance and chemistry is a key to a great hot tub experience. Have your water professionally tested and maintain good chemistry.
4. As the weather gets colder put your towels in the dryer for a few minutes and carry them outside in a insulated bag ... feels so good when you get out and wrap yourself in a warm towel.

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