About Us

Welcome to the award-winning world of landscaping at Patio Plus and The Pool Place, where over 25 years of professional experience comes together for all of your backyard needs.

For Mike and Susan, owning a successful landscaping & swimming pool business over the last 25 years has not just been luck, it has been hard work, determination and a drive to put the customer's needs first. It is important to continue educating ourselves and our team, and to grow in our ability to be above the industry standards. Our hope is to continue educating our customer and looking after your family's backyard needs.

The pool industry has changed significantly over the last 25 years. Technology has grown at a quick pace so that anything can be automated in your backyard, from the installation of a swimming pool to maintenance- free landscaping for today's family. Furthermore, we're now seeing more and more environmentally superior products that provide a safe and low maintenance system for your backyard.

Amazingly so, the internet has become a guru of information for the consumer. There is an abundance of information to provide us with great resources. Sometimes the resources which we obtain are not all fact based and can be detrimental. Trust in the people who provide you with the information is important and that is where good old fashioned service is still of great value.

Mike, Sue and The Pool Place Team will continue to work harder than ever even in this wonderful world of the web to educate and know our customer and to bring the most accurate information available, maintaining our high standard of hands-on customer service that has brought us through the past 25 years.

About Us

Mike McKeenMike McKeen
Licensed Horticulturist/Greens keeper

Since 1985 Mike has designed landscapes, fencing and decks around backyard pools. Michael began creating pool designs around his landscape ideas in 1992. With every project Mike was on hand and continues to be hands on in every project and its process today.

Through Mike's design conceptions, to the combined finishing efforts of the team at
Patio-Plus & The Pool Place, we have received many prestigious awards such as:

1995 Pool of the Year Gold Award by Kafko
1999 Pool of the Year Gold Award by Kafko
2007 Pool of the Year Platinum Award by Kafko
2004 Inground Pool & Backyard Design Bronze Award by NSPI
2005 Aboveground Pool & Deck Design Gold Award by NSPI
2009 Best Composite Deck Gold Award by Turkstra Lumber

Susan McKeenSusan McKeen
Aka The PoolLady

In 1992 I began working alongside Mike with the installation of pools, and as our business grew it became apparent that beyond the installation, our customers required education in the maintenance of their pools and spas. This was my ticket out of the trench.

With a working background in chemistry and an interest in understanding filtration circulation and water balance, I attended many courses and seminars to improve my knowledge and obtained my commercial pool and spa operators license in 2000.

In 1996, our first retail store was in operation in Dunnville and ten years later our second location was opened in Smithville.

Our goal is to provide enjoyment in owning a pool or spa, which we achieve by educating our customers to maintain the highest quality water balance and an algae free environment.

In 2001, with the mounting concern for the environment, it was important to study the most responsible way to protect the environment, as well as the swimmer and still produce the results of easy maintenance. At this time when public awareness was still limited and the customer still wary of trusting an alternative, I began working alongside Natural Chemistry, my first supplier of an alternative to water care. Within the last few years after improved technology, I did not hesitate to combine my efforts with Backyard Brands when approached. Backyard Brands offered along with Natural Chemistry the first complete environmentally responsible systems. The only change now, ten years later, at The Pool Place is that we can include responsible water care, easy maintenance and our algae free guarantee.

If you are interested in joining our team at The Pool Place,  please email your resume to info@poolplace.ca.